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and the sport of stand up paddle boarding! For many, paddle boarding is a new discovery, but it's a growing sport, expanding into all types of water and into new areas. From its traditional roots on the ocean, SUPing is no longer only for the coastal people looking to catch a wave…people are riding their boards on lakes, taking on the rush of moving waters in rivers, and fishing the unexplored back waters. No matter what your water is, or where you're located, a stand up paddle board will go there, giving you a new perspective on nature and offering health benefits while you have fun!

Paddle FINatics is dedicated to providing everyone with an opportunity to enjoy the health benefits and fun this sport has to offer. Improve your balance, strengthen core muscles, get an aerobic challenge…while seeing new things from a quiet, silent position on the water…things you never would have known were there before you tried it. You might ride double, take the dog, or introduce a new rider to the sport.

It's easy to learn and doesn’t take long before you’re confident! Let Paddle FINatics find the perfect board for you and just... S.U.A.P.!

"We've never been on a more stable board..."

The Big Easy was reviewed by Stand Up Paddle Surf Magazine, click here to read the full article.

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