Paddle FINatics Products

All Arounder SUP


A board made for EVERYONE in ANY type of water! Available in 3 sizes, this design can accommodate paddlers up to 325 pounds with any skill level. This design allows the board to glide easily on a forward stroke, turn naturally when swtepping on the tail, and maintain stability in any type of water. Wether its ocean paddling, surfing, river running, cruising, yoga, fishing, riding single or tandem, or riding with a pet or child, the Paddle FINatics All Arounder SUP is the board for you!!



Turquoise, Yellow

Included with board:


Paddle FINatics Paddle

Aluminum Adjustable

85" Adjustable Aluminum Paddle


Paddle FINatics Leash

10' Leash

EZ Roller

EZ Roller

Boardfisher Safari Pak

Safari Pak

The Boardfisher Safari "stowaway" Pak for exploring, camping, and fishing. The Boardfisher system breaks down into a compact stuff bag, has a signature paddle pocket, custom fishing rod holders, ample exterior pockets, and a large unobstructed interior to hold most anything. Includes vertical, outrigger and fly rod pole holders, the Tie Down Kit and stuff bag. The Tie Down Kit anchoring system has 4 "heavy duty" peel and stick anchors and 4 tie down straps. Made of heavy duty plastic mesh material that rinses clean of dirt and fish odors.