Boardworks Inflatables



SHUBU "show up and blow up" INFLATABLE SUPs Made of extremely durable military grade, UV resistant rubber, these boards can take just about anything you can throw at them. Featuring a proven high density drop stitch construction making the SHUBU very rigid for better performance. Excellent for cruising, recreational surfing, touring, running rivers, or just goofing around, the SHUBU is extremely versatile, and fun is guaranteed!

Each board comes equipped with glued on rubber side bite fins and a detachable center fin allowing for versatility and options when paddling in deep waters or shallow rivers and lakes. Also includes backpack, high volume pump, an inline pressure gauge, and a color matched rubber patch kit. The SHUBU also comes equipped with a bungy system for strapping down whatever you might need for that adventure of a lifetime!


Red, Tan/Green, Blue, Yellow


Length 10'0" 10'7" 9'2"wide 10'2"wide 10'10"wide
Width 30 1/2" 30 1/2" 34" 34" 34"
Thickness 4" 4" 4" 4" 4"
Fins 2+1 2+1 2+1 2+1 2+1

Which is the right board for you? Reference our chart for what fits your size and ability.

Length 10'0" 10'7" 9'2"wide 10'2"wide 10'10"wide
Novice Up to 175# Up to 210# Up to 150# Up to 210# Up to 240#
Intermediate Up to 200# Up to 225# Up to 170# Up to 225# Up to 250#
Advanced Up to 240# Up to 250# Up to 200# Up to 250# Up to 260#

Badfish MCIT


Boardworks has challenged the design constraints of existing drop-stitch inflatable SUP technology to create a superior inflatable board, the Badfish (MCIT) Multi Chamber Inflatable Technology.

TAPERED RAILS; The MCIT SUP is the only inflatable SUP with tapered rails which enables it to be stable in the right spots and nimble in the tail for better performance. LOWERED DECK; The rigid drop stitch deck sits below the rail height lowering the paddlers center of gravity resulting in excellent secondary stability. This is crucial for river paddling. I BEAM STIFFENING SYSTEM; Functions like a stringer in a foam blank, the I Beam Stiffening System significantly increases longitudinal rigidity. BUMPER BOW; The tough cone bow adds extra impact protection for rocks, docks and other hard surfaces. The (MCIT) includes backpack, high volume pump, an in line pressure gauge, and a color matched rubber patch kit. Comes with rubber side bites and removable center fin.


Yellow, Blue, Red


Size and Ability:


Badfish Badfisher


Introducing the Badfisher. Gliding across the water you spot tailing fish on a flat, trout sipping emergers on a mountain lake or a lunker bass set up for an ambush next to a sunken log... there's simply nothing like sneaking up on fish on a SUP board. Standing up tall on a board allows you to spot fish earlier, quietly move into position and casting, hooking up and fighting a fish from a SUP board is about as much fun as fishing can be!

The Badfish/Boardworks MCIT inflatable SUP board has quickly become a popular platform for SUP fishing adventures. The Badfisher takes the proven stability and maneuverability of the MCIT and adds custom features that meet the needs of the growing population of SUP based anglers. Those include increased width for stability while casting, fighting and landing fish, Scotty attachment plates and a variety of d-rings for attaching crates, coolers and gear.

Having an inflatable fishing platforms means there is no place you can't take this craft: spring break with the family, fishing trip with your friends or an after work escape on a business trip... the Badfisher travels like no other fishing specific SUP. Go fish!


Green Only



Boardworks Paddles


Available in: 2 piece adjustable aluminum or 2 & 3 piece hybrid fiberglass/carbon

Blade Colors:


K-20 Finishing Pump

K-20 Pump

K20 K Pump: 2 stage high pressure topping pump. Makes blowing up your Shubu or MCIT to higher PSIs easy for everyone. Boardworks recommends using your Shubu pump to inflate your board most of the way and finishing the job with the K Pump


Kwik Check Gauge

Kwik Check Guage